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Investment Firm Injaro Raises $17.5 Million to Back SMEs in Ghana and Ivory Coast

Injaro Investments Advisors Limited, a prominent Ghanaian investment firm, announced the successful closing of its Injaro Ghana Venture Capital Fund (IGVCF), securing GHS 216 million (USD 17.5 million).

This locally-denominated private equity fund will support high-potential small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in Ghana and Côte d’Ivoire.

The fund attracted prominent investors, including the Venture Capital Trust Fund, Minerals Income Investment Fund Ghana, local pension funds managed by Stanbic Investment Management Services, PETRA Securities, Databank Group, and CAL Asset Management Company Ltd.

Injaro Ghana Venture Capital Fund will focus on boosting profitable SMEs within key Ghanaian sectors: mining support services, food and agriculture, education, healthcare, financial services, industrial services, and light manufacturing.

This aligns with Injaro’s long-standing mission to fuel economic growth on the continent by empowering local businesses.

Founded in 2009, Injaro boasts a successful track record, managing over $65 million across various funds. Notable examples include the Injaro Agricultural Capital Holdings and Agri-Business Capital Fund.

This latest initiative, IGVCF, builds on this rich experience and is expected to create job opportunities for thousands across Africa, adding to the 3 million individuals already impacted by Injaro’s investments.

To qualify for IGVCF investments, companies must have been operational for at least three years, generate at least GHS 20 million in revenue, and demonstrate a minimum net income (EBITDA) of GHS 3.5 million.

The fund offers flexible investment solutions, utilizing debt, equity, and quasi-equity instruments to tailor support to individual business needs.

The fund has already deployed its first $2 million investment in Zeepay’s Series A funding round.

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