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Is Fintech in Africa Ready For A New Goliath? Gain Insights On How Multichoice Group Plans To Disrupt Africa’s Payments Landscape

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MultiChoice Group, Rapyd and General Catalyst have teamed up to develop an intergrated payment platform for Africa.

Moment has been developed to address existing challenges and complexities of financial transactions in Africa. The platform combines various payment methods into a single unified solution, including mobile wallets, card payments, and bank transfers. By consolidating these payment options, Moment aims to simplify transactions for individuals and businesses, irrespective of their location or preferred payment method.


Africa, with its diverse economies and varying levels of financial infrastructure, has long faced hurdles in achieving seamless and efficient cross-border transactions. The integrated payment platform seeks to overcome these challenges to enable seamless cross-border transactions, eliminating the need for multiple intermediaries and reducing transaction costs.

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