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Logidoo: Rising Star in African Logistics Secures $1.55 Million Seed Funding

Logidoo, a leading player in the African logistics and e-commerce space, has announced a significant seed funding boost of $1.55 million.

This investment, led by a renowned consortium of venture capitalists, including Maroc Numeric Fund II (Morocco), 216 Capital (Tunisia), Gullit VC (Ethiopia), Founders Factory Africa (Nigeria), Sunny Side Venture Partners (Egypt/Japan) and Kalys Ventures (Morocco).

The new funding validates Logidoo’s unique approach to transforming the African logistics landscape and its potential to unlock the continent’s trade potential.

The funding underscores the market’s confidence in Logidoo’s mission to tackle the critical challenge of low intra-African trade compared to other regions.

By focusing on “Cross-border” logistics, Logidoo goes beyond mere service provision; it acts as a visionary force in turning the African Continental Free Trade Area (AFCFTA) vision into a tangible reality.

Logidoo has established itself as a “Cross-border end-to-end 5PL” provider, a unique approach that sets it apart in the industry.

This tagline reflects their commitment to offering comprehensive, market-leading solutions for seamless cross-border logistics.

In 2023, Logidoo embarked on an ambitious expansion plan, extending its franchise network to 5 African countries.

This strategy, fueled by the new funding, aims to solidify their continental footprint.

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