Artist Profile

Mohamed Abu Kamara

Artist: Aloko Arts

Mohamed Abu Kamara also known as Aloko Arts (b. 2000) a Sierra Leonean artist based in Freetown known for his realistic pencil and charcoal drawing.


Aloko began drawing at the age of 9yrs, using graphite pencil and charcoal officially started drawing in 2019. The self artist has developed his drawing skill since 2019 by applying the 3ps practice, patience and persistence. Aloko works from reference images, from live models and his own imagination to create these works often spend 2-4 months to create his subject.


“I draw inspiration from from experience and basically everything that sparks a feeling of necessity. I love spending countless hours working on an artwork to connect with deep and strong emotions. I have been working on these principles of 3 ps namely practice, patience and persistence. They have been guiding me through the years towards perfecting my craft.

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