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Nigerian recycling startup WeCyclers secures $2 million to recycle 30,000 tonnes of plastics

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Wecyclers Corporation, a leading Nigerian recycling startup, has secured $2 million in funding to recycle 30,000 tonnes of plastics over the next five years

The new investment was provided by the French investment bank Société Générale; through Unilever West Africa Nigeria. Wecyclers will use the new funding to expand its activities in Nigeria, where it has been collecting, sorting and recycling plastic waste. Launched in 2012, the startup aims to create a sustainable future by promoting recycling and waste reduction. They use innovative technology and social entrepreneurship to incentivize people to recycle their waste, especially in underserved communities. Wecyclers’ mission is to create a circular economy where waste is viewed as a resource, not a burden.

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