Ohemaa Adjei Andoh

Ohemaa Adjei Andoh is a notable individual with a significant impact in the fields of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) in Ghana.

She is actively involved in promoting STEM education and empowering young girls in science and technology. Ohemaa has made remarkable contributions to the STEM community in Ghana and is recognized as a mentor and advocate for women and girls in these fields.

With a background in biomedical engineering and project management, she has used her experience and expertise to become a trailblazer in encouraging more girls and women to pursue careers in STEM.
She is the Founder of Girls in Science and Technology-GIST (GIST) and PM STEAM Educational Center, two initiatives aimed at providing opportunities, training, and mentorship for young girls in STEM.

Through these organizations, she works tirelessly to break down gender barriers in the male-dominated fields of science and technology and inspire the next generation of female scientists, engineers, and technologists.
Ohemaa’s efforts have garnered international recognition, featuring her work in various media outlets, including the United Nations Africa Renewal magazine and other reputable platforms.

Her dedication to promoting gender equality and empowering girls to pursue STEM education has also earned her admiration and respect within the STEM community in Ghana and beyond.
Her work is making a significant impact on the lives of many young girls and women in Ghana, providing them with the tools and support they need to thrive and contribute to the advancement of technology and innovation in the country.

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