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Patoranking Foundation and ALX Africa Partner to Launch $500,000 Tech Scholarship Initiative

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African tech training provider ALX Africa has joined forces with the Patoranking Foundation, established by Afrobeats artist Patoranking (Patrick Nnaemeka Okorie), to unveil a significant $500,000 scholarship program.

This initiative aims to empower 40 talented young Africans with the necessary skills to thrive in the tech industry.

The Patoranking Foundation Tech Scholarship will target exceptional individuals demonstrating a strong potential for success.

These scholars will receive access to high-quality education and training programs in various fields, such as coding, software development, data analysis, and Salesforce administration.

The curriculum is designed to equip them with in-demand skills for the ever-evolving tech landscape.

“This scholarship is not just about theoretical knowledge,” the statement emphasizes.

To complement their academic foundation, scholarship recipients will also participate in paid internships with the foundation’s tech partners.

This hands-on experience will allow them to apply their newly acquired skills in a professional setting, bridging the gap between theory and practice.

Divesh Sooka, General Manager of ALX South Africa, expressed his optimism about the potential of Africa’s youth.

“We are excited to equip these talented individuals with cutting-edge skills and foster a culture of innovation and resilience,” he remarked.

ALX Africa, with its focus on both technical and soft skills development, aims to prepare young people for success in the digital economy. The organization is dedicated to providing pathways for them to excel in a technology-driven world.

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