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Ugandan Ride-Hailing App SafeBoda Launches Electric Motorcycles

Safeboda, a leading Ugandan ride-hailing platform, announced the launch of a new electric motorcycle option, “Electric Boda,” on its app.

This eco-friendly addition expands their existing offerings and marks a significant step towards a more sustainable transportation ecosystem in Uganda.

Motorcycles, known locally as boda bodas, are a popular and affordable mode of transport in Ugandan cities.

However, traditional gasoline-powered engines contribute to air and noise pollution.

SafeBoda’s electric motorcycles aim to provide the same convenient boda-boda experience with significantly reduced emissions.

“The introduction of Electric Boda offers numerous benefits,” said a SafeBoda spokesperson.

“Riders can expect cleaner air, quieter journeys, and potentially lower fares due to reduced maintenance costs for the company.” Improved ride efficiency is also anticipated, enhancing the overall user experience.

This launch comes amidst SafeBoda’s renewed focus on the Ugandan market.

The company recently announced its return to the Kenyan capital after a three-year hiatus due to an unsustainable business environment following the pandemic.

SafeBoda also exited the Nigerian market in late 2020 to prioritize profitability and product expansion in Uganda.

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