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Investment platform Africa50 and the International Solar Alliance partner to finance solar energy in Africa

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Africa50, an investment platform that finances infrastructure projects in Africa, and the International Solar Alliance (ISA), an intergovernmental organization that promotes solar energy in developing countries, have signed a partnership agreement to finance solar energy projects in Africa.

The partnership agreement will see Africa50 and ISA work together to identify, develop, and finance solar energy projects in Africa. Africa50 will provide the financial resources for the projects, while ISA will provide technical assistance and expertise. The partnership is a significant step forward in developing solar energy in Africa.


Solar energy is a clean, renewable energy source that has the potential to provide reliable and affordable electricity to millions of Africans who currently lack access to electricity.

The partnership between Africa50 and ISA is a significant development in the global fight against climate change. Solar energy is a vital part of the solution to climate change, and this partnership will help to make it more affordable and accessible to developing countries. The partnership is also a major boost for the African economy, with the development of solar energy in Africa expected to create jobs, boost economic growth, and reduce poverty. It will also help to accelerate the deployment of solar energy, improve access to energy, and create jobs.

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