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Villgro Africa is Looking For Female-Led African Health Startups for Growth Opportunities

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African women leading innovative healthcare startups are invited to apply for support from Villgro Africa, a healthcare-focused incubator and investor.

Villgro Africa, the African arm of India’s Villgro Innovations Foundation, is searching for ventures with the potential to significantly improve healthcare equity and access across the continent.

Following its launch in Kenya in 2017, Villgro Africa has expanded across Africa, supporting dozens of healthcare and life sciences startups with over $1 million in seed funding.

“This call is part of our efforts to address the gender gap in healthcare innovation,” Villgro Africa said.

“We aim to empower female founders by providing a supportive environment, mentorship, and access to funding opportunities.”

Selected ventures will benefit from a comprehensive support network including mentors, technical expertise, sponsorship connections, and potential funding.

The call is open to startups developing solutions in any area of healthcare, from prevention and diagnosis to treatment and management.

Villgro Africa highlighted the challenges faced by female founders in the healthcare innovation space.

“Limited access to programs that cater to women’s leadership styles and a lack of support from traditional funding sources are just some of the barriers women entrepreneurs face,” the organization said.

By providing targeted support, Villgro Africa seeks to empower women and foster a more diverse and impactful healthcare innovation landscape in Africa.

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