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Visa launches fintech accelerator program for African startups

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Visa, a global leader in digital payments, has announced the launch of its highly anticipated fintech accelerator program specifically designed for startups in Africa.

This initiative aims to foster innovation, drive financial inclusion, and support the growth of the fintech ecosystem in the region. The fintech accelerator program, backed by Visa’s extensive industry expertise and resources, seeks to identify and nurture promising fintech startups across Africa.

The program will provide selected startups access to mentorship, networking opportunities, and tailored support to help them scale and develop innovative digital payment solutions. Africa’s fintech sector has been experiencing significant growth and attracting attention from investors and technology companies worldwide.

With its vast unbanked population and rising digital adoption, the continent presents immense opportunities for fintech innovation. Visa’s accelerator program is strategically positioned to tap into this potential and drive impactful change. The program will focus on supporting startups addressing key challenges in the financial services sector, including access to financial services, digital payments, and financial literacy.

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