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Zembo is spearheading e-mobility revolution in Uganda

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This week we feature Uganda’s Zembo in our startup spotlight.

Zembo is an exciting e-mobility startup that is based in Kampala, Uganda. The startup was founded in 2018 with a vision to revolutionize the transportation sector in Uganda and beyond. Since its inception, Zembo has been at the forefront of promoting sustainable transportation and reducing carbon emissions through its fleet of electric motorcycles. Zembo’s electric motorcycles are designed to meet the needs of the urban commuter in Uganda as they are reliable, efficient, and affordable, making them an excellent alternative to traditional gas-powered motorcycles.

The startup’s business model is built around providing affordable transportation services to commuters in Kampala. The company has received recognition for its innovative approach to sustainable transportation, having previously won the Uganda National Social Entrepreneurship Award, which recognizes businesses that create social and environmental impact.

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