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AfDB Approves $20 Million Grant to Boost Food Security and Water Access in Senegal

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The African Development Bank (AfDB) has pledged $20 million to bolster food security and water access for vulnerable communities in Senegal.

This funding aims to accelerate the implementation of the ongoing Post-Covid-19 Food and Nutritional Security Project (Presan-PC).

Presan-PC specifically targets small-scale producers, aiming to sustainably increase their agricultural output and incomes.

The AfDB’s grant, approved in March 2024, will focus on enhancing water supply through various infrastructure projects.

The Senegalese government plans to utilize the AfDB grant to construct boreholes, solar-powered pumping stations, water retention structures, and lowland development works. These improvements aim to directly address water scarcity challenges faced by farmers.

The allocated funds will also go towards establishing new drinking water supply systems. This initiative prioritizes improved access for women and young people involved in agriculture.

Presan-PC expands upon the previous food security support project (Pasa-LMK) and targets the Louga, Matam, and Kaffrine regions.

The project will also reach similar areas in the Matam region and departments of Koumpentoum (Tambacounda) and Nioro (Kaolack).

An estimated 31,000 households, or roughly 310,000 people, are expected to benefit from the project’s reinforced water infrastructure. This improvement is anticipated to lead to increased harvests and higher incomes for these small-scale producers.

Presan-PC has garnered additional support from the Office chérifien des phosphates (OCP Group) with a contribution of $4.57 million.

The Senegalese government and participating farms are also contributing $1.29 million and $370,000 respectively.

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