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Meaning of the Painting: The artwork is representing what the youths are facing in Sierra Leone. It portrays the practice of forced labour and restricted liberty. Occurring types of slavery are: forced child labour, bonded labour, unlawful recruitment & use of child soldiers.

The art piece is especially for the array of interlinked obstacles, which inhibit the fulfilment of their human rights. Most pressingly, youths are the risk of early child marriage, adolescent pregnancy, female genital mutilation (traditional/cultural practices) affecting the females, whilst the males are subjected to the worst forms of forced labour i.e including: mining and dangerous tasks like; quarrying stone and fishing, all due to the lack of national policy and social program to address all relevant forms of forced labour.

I want to use my art to speak for the youths that cannot speak up publicly for their human rights to be respected and they can have a say or choice of their own .

Size of the Painting:  A2

Artist Bio

James S. Bangura

My name is James s Bangura, I’m a multidisciplinary artist i.e ; i draw with pen, pencil(graphite&charcoal), colour pencil, painting etc. Born 3rd February 2005. I started drawing at the age of 2‐3.

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