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LifeBank: This health-tech startup is transforming medical supply chains in Nigeria and beyond

In the vast landscape of African health-tech startups, LifeBank shines as a transformative force in Nigeria’s healthcare system.

Founded in 2015, LifeBank has emerged as a trailblazing platform that leverages technology to improve the availability and accessibility of vital medical supplies, ultimately saving lives.

In this article, we explore the remarkable journey of LifeBank, its mission, and its notable achievements as one of the leading players in the health-tech industry.

Who is LifeBank?

LifeBank is a Nigerian health tech startup that has gained recognition for pioneering efforts in bridging the gap between medical suppliers and healthcare providers.

The startup operates an innovative platform that connects hospitals and clinics with blood banks, oxygen suppliers, and essential medical products through a tech-driven supply chain system.

This endeavor ensures that patients receive the critical medical resources they urgently need, significantly reducing mortality rates and enhancing overall healthcare efficiency.

The platform uses data analytics, artificial intelligence, and real-time tracking to optimize inventory management, minimize waste, and streamline delivery processes.

By digitizing the supply chain, LifeBank effectively addresses the issue of stockouts and ensures that hospitals are equipped with life-saving resources when emergencies arise.


LifeBank’s mission is firmly rooted in its commitment to saving lives by making medical supplies available and accessible when and where they are most needed.

The company’s visionary founder, Temie Giwa-Tubosun, sought to address Nigeria’s dire healthcare challenges, including blood shortages and inefficient supply chains.

Her mission-driven approach has allowed LifeBank to flourish as a social enterprise focused on creating a tangible impact on public health.


Improved Blood Supply Chain: One of LifeBank’s most significant achievements is revolutionizing Nigeria’s blood supply chain.

By implementing cutting-edge technology, LifeBank has streamlined collecting, storing, and distributing blood to hospitals and clinics in need.

This has resulted in a considerable reduction in blood wastage and has saved countless lives in critical situations.

Recognition and Awards: LifeBank’s groundbreaking contributions have not gone unnoticed. The startup has received numerous accolades, both locally and internationally, for its exceptional work in transforming healthcare in Nigeria.

Expansion and Partnerships: As a testament to its impact, LifeBank has expanded its operations beyond Nigeria’s borders, partnering with other African countries to replicate its successful model.

The startup’s collaborations with governments, healthcare organizations, and global health initiatives have paved the way for further growth and outreach.


LifeBank’s journey from a fledgling startup to a trailblazing health-tech innovator is a testament to the power of technology and entrepreneurship in solving real-world challenges.

By harnessing the potential of data-driven logistics and supply chain management, LifeBank has made an indelible mark on Nigeria’s healthcare landscape.

With its unwavering commitment to saving lives and improving healthcare outcomes, LifeBank continues to serve as an inspiring beacon of hope for the entire health tech industry in Africa and beyond.

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