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Can Africa Manufacture Its Own Vaccines? Mastercard Foundation & IDP Partnership Is a Pivotal Step Towards Africa’s Health Independence

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The Mastercard Foundation and the Institut Pastuer De Dakar (IDP) have unveiled a $45 million partnership to strengthen Africa’s healthcare infrastructure and foster vaccine manufacturing autonomy.

The collaboration aims to bolster the continent’s vaccine manufacturing capabilities and enhance its preparedness for future health crises. The investment will be strategically utilized to support the development of vaccine manufacturing hubs across Africa. These hubs will serve as centers of excellence, equipped with state-of-the-art infrastructure, advanced technology, and research facilities to facilitate vaccine production, distribution, and quality control.


Through this partnership, the Mastercard Foundation and IDP aim to foster collaboration among African nations, academia, research institutions, and the private sector. The objective is to create a robust ecosystem that promotes knowledge sharing, skills development, and technology transfer, ultimately enabling Africa to produce safe, affordable, and effective vaccines locally.

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